Here at The Lanterns we take sustainability seriously.

Some of our actions include;

  • Using local suppliers for our consumables where we can 
  • Using local tradespeople for property management and maintenance 
  • The installation of energy efficient appliances
  • We have installed LED lighting throughout
  • We have secondary glazing and solid wall insulation in the bedrooms to save energy
  • We provide clear and simple instructions for recycling waste
  • We have TRV valves installed on radiators so individual radiators can be turned up/down on or off by guests as required
  • We have installed a simple and easy to use heating thermostat that allows guests to responsibly turn the heating up and down or on and off as required.

Whilst we want our guests to enjoy their break at The Lanterns, we ask that you help us continue to be sustainable by;

  • Turning the heating off when it's not needed
  • Turning off lights and electrical appliances when not in use
  • Closing windows and doors when not needed to be open
  • Recycling waste in the designated recycling bins
  • Not wasting water